However, in today's times in urban circumstances, its not feasible to build a construction according to Vastu Shahstra completely, in light of 'n' number of obstacles, like latest designing requirements including the bye-laws of the Building Regulatory Authorities like Municipal Corporation etc.

Limitations of Vastu

Though the long old tradition
of Vastu techniques are
already being applied in all
spheres of land area today,
there always remain some
limitations and challenges
towards its complete and
wholesome application with
t h e l a w s o f Va s t u n o t
practically efficient. Hence,
c o m p l e m e n t i n g Va s t u
alongwith Energy Healing
modalities on the land results
in a dual-centric holistic
approach in bringing positive
energies, not only on that
land but also to living entities
in that area.

L a n d H e a l i n g

(Energizing) – Looking at the
l i m i t a t i o n s o f V a s t u
applications, this unique
process was developed after
extensive research, years of
hard work and successful
appl i c a t ion of va r ious
healing modali t ies and
God’s grace. This unique
process of 81 days of energy
healing technique has been
applied across no. of lands till
da te and y ielded ver y
effective and positive results.
This service can also be
a l i g n e d a s p e r o n e ‘ s
requirement and need in
personal and professional


To mi t igate this
challenge brought the necessity for a
substitute to such Vastu limitations
towards search for alternate avenues
in today’s times. With the advent of
different Energy Healing modalities
and its profound triumph noted on
the human f ront, this led us to
fur ther explore and apply i ts
techniques on Land, to finally attain
success after many tests and trials of
continuous research. Hence, with
the need of a complete holistic
approach besides ancient Vastu
techniques, the success achieved
f r o m L a n d H e a l i n g i s m o r e
enhanced with the application of
both Vastu cum Energy Healing
techniques to drive more sustainable
positive energy vibrations.

The principle practitioner, Mr. Anand Sharma is born in a Marwadi Brahmin family in Rajasthan (BITS Pilani) amongst highly spiritual environment. His family members were renowned Pandits of Kolkata having deep knowledge of Sanskrit, Astrology and Vastu Sastra. He has taken basic knowledge of Vastu from his family to further add-on his expertise with experience and perseverance thereon.